Welcome to Scanhealth Scandinavia

Scanhealth Scandinavia is a partnership of two health care providers in Haugesund, at the Southwest coast of Norway.

- Privatsykehuset Haugesund (a private hospital)
- Klinikk Hausken (a private infertility centre, also located nearby)

We have new high-quality medical equipment and top-qualified personnel that are present at all operations.

Scanhealth is situated only 15 min. from Haugesund Airport.
Call +47 52 700 550 For Free Information
Quality of care and personal service

English is fluently spoken

Your GP will be provided with a full medical report in English.

ScanHealth Scandinavia do not have a waiting list, therefore you will get treatment when you need to.

Phone: + 47 52 700 550 For Free Information